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Our Fees

BuyToLetWorld Fee Structure

The BuyToLetWorld Fee structure is as follows:

BuyToLetWorld charges a one off fee of 4% at the point that you initially fund and whenever you top up your account.

For new tenants for a property, BuyToLetWorld letting fees are charged at 12.5% of gross rental income received from the tenant plus VAT.

For tenants renewing their contract in the same property, BuyToLetWorld letting fees will be discounted to 10% of gross rental income + VAT.

At the point at which the property is sold, BuyToLetWorld will charge 15% of the gross capital gain. That is 15% of the difference between the original purchase price and the sale price.

Investor Notice:

Investing in property is not without risks. It is possible that your investment return may be lower than you expect and you could lose all or part of your investment.

Ensure you take independent advice before proceeding with an investment. The risks include:

  • The property cannot attract tenants for a period of time
  • The tenant defaults on the rent
  • The tenant needs to be legally removed from the property
  • The price of the property goes down
  • The property cannot be sold