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Investing with BuyToLetWorld

Investing with BuyToLetWorld


BuyToLetWorld operates a Joint Venture investment policy whereby we join together with a collection of investors to purchase a property, via shares in a UK Limited company called an SPV. All investors then receive a regular income from rental of the property, net of management and maintenance costs, and share in the movement of the property value.

BuyToLetWorld (BTLW) offers you the opportunity to join with us and other investors, to get involved in the lucrative BuyToLet market without taking out mortgages. This reduces the risk of undertaking property investment by protecting the investment against interest rate movements as well as maximising rental returns. In this way you can leverage the expertise of BTLW in both property selection and lettings management, and also our ability to negotiate on the basis of scale.

BTLW offers you two ways that you can participate in our community. The first is when we source new properties. Properties are listed at a fully loaded price which includes taxes and other fees associated with the acquisition of the property, and investors can join us in the initial funding of the property. The second is when an investor decides that they wish to exit their investment from a particular property. At this point you can acquire their shares from them via our noticeboard or privately if you prefer.

If you have invested in a property there are 2 ways you can exit your investment. The first is that you can individually offer your shares for resale on our platform, or a majority of the investors can decide to sell the property.

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Investor Notice:

Investing in property is not without risks. It is possible that your investment return may be lower than you expect and you could lose all or part of your investment.

Ensure you take independent advice before proceeding with an investment. The risks include:

  • The property cannot attract tenants for a period of time
  • The tenant defaults on the rent
  • The tenant needs to be legally removed from the property
  • The price of the property goes down
  • The property cannot be sold